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A World Long Gone

These are some very, very good photographs from the Second World War by Cecil Beaton. Very different from the usual WWII fare, they picture a lot of everyday people coping with a world at war. Tweet

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Who Ya Gonna Believe?

Your lying eyes or the life-like robotic Talking Points Debbie™! Alternate universe indeed. Tweet

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Bill on Obama

Last night it was, “No he couldn’t”. Four years ago it was, “Give me a break”. Fairy tales and unicorns last night. Tonight it’s Hollywoodenheads and the court jester. Tweet

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Raining on the Charade

Oh, how I wish I had thought of that line. Tweet

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Voting Present

Jeff Carter points out that Obama has been making the easy choices – versus really addressing problems. In essence, Obama’s been voting present since taking office. Third Choice Easy choice, use political majorities to pass socialized Medicine (Obamacare, Affordable Health … Continue reading

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The Bill Show

Jennifer Rubin: At times his defense of President Obama strained credulity: Obama, he said, is bipartisan because he hired Republicans in government jobs and he is willing to work “cooperatively.” The Obama record is so obviously at odds with that … Continue reading

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