The Bill Show

Jennifer Rubin:

At times his defense of President Obama strained credulity: Obama, he said, is bipartisan because he hired Republicans in government jobs and he is willing to work “cooperatively.” The Obama record is so obviously at odds with that sentiment (unilateral action on immigration and on welfare and the refusal to make a deal entitlements or address the fiscal cliff) that Clinton’s argument seemed unserious.

At his most effective, Clinton said that no president could have fixed in four years the economy that Obama inherited. And he extolled the belief that America ”always comes back.” Unfortunately, Obama promised to fix the economy in his first term. And the Obama recovery is the weakest in history. The comparison between the two presidents’ records was obvious, leaving one to consider if Clinton’s mere presence was a reminder of Obama’s weaknesses.

That was always a fear, that Bill would upstage Obama – intentionally or not. Clinton also has an outsized ego and has always been self-centered. Regardless, here’s the text of Clinton’s speech. (Links via Memeorandum)

All in all, last night was not a good one for the DNC. They looked more than a bit nutty with the debacle on the floor over the God an Jerusalem planks. There were crazy doings outside the convention according to my Twitter feed, too.

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