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Hype and Chains

Hugh Hewitt notices new minted biker Joe “Chains” Biden: Oh, and that picture?  Well, just something that you should look for in your morning paper –if you get a paper.  It is a great shot of the Veep, but not … Continue reading

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Krugman Is Still A Lying Sack Of You Know What

From Mr. Duplicity himself: During today’s round table on ABC, Rand Paul seemed shocked at my claim that government employment is down under Obama. Of course, it is. Oh, is it? Well, then someone ought to tell the U.S. Office … Continue reading

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Serve and Protect

A deputy does his job – and averts potential tragedy. Good – no, great – job by Deputy Matt Boucher. Applaud a man who takes his oath seriously. Video is at the link. Tweet

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A Long, Long Time Ago

Early Miss Americana.   Tweet

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Bidenitus – Highly Contagious

Bidenitus – it’s catching. Predicted media ‘fact checker’ spin: “It’s actually three words and an acronym. Totally true”. You heard it here first. Tweet

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Empty Chair Diaries

Diane Feinstein walks out on reporter. Classy. Doesn’t like that question, does she?   Tweet

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Dismal Prospects

I missed this from my friend Phineas (and ST) but it ties into what I wrote earlier today. In other words, skilled workers laid off from higher-paying jobs are now taking the entry-level positions young people use to learn the … Continue reading

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A Picture the Media Doesn’t Want You to See

Stadium looks pretty darn full, doesn’t it? Via RT by Sister Toljah on Twitter. Tweet

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Excuses, Excuses

Steve Huntley: The new argument, voiced by former President Bill Clinton, is that Obama inherited a recession so bad that no president could fix it in four years. Those of us with longer memories can recall the economic mess Ronald … Continue reading

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Chin Up

Drudge reminds us that the polls often lie: Chin up, folks. It’s September. We who follow politics know that the media cheerleaders are in the tank for the 0ne. Of course they’re lying for him. Update: Many thanks to Glenn … Continue reading

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My wife and I finally got out to see 2016 (she actually asked to go see it when I told her about it). While I was aware of many of the specifics that Dinesh D’Souza had in the film, I … Continue reading

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The Guys Do Not Look Amused

The woman may be smiling, but the two bikers eying Biden do not look at all amused. Update: Still more pics from the continuing adventures of Joe. Update: Maggie notices this, too. My caption: “If this dude didn’t have the … Continue reading

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Buyer’s Remorse

Salena Zito is talking to people who voted for the 0ne in 2008 – and won’t make that mistake a second time:  Patrick Kanetaka, 44, of Raleigh, N.C., liked Obama “a lot” in 2008. He was tired of the Bush … Continue reading

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Empty Words From an Empty Chair

The rhetoric can’t hide the facts: His stubborn insistence that government — and not small business — is the way to grow jobs and the economy has always been wrong. That he keeps insisting, with 88.9 million Americans out of … Continue reading

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Russia Stockpiling Gold

Or rather, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin – same-same. According to the World Gold Council, Russia has more than doubled its gold reserves in the past five years. Putin has taken advantage of the financial crisis to build the world’s fifth-biggest … Continue reading

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