Hype and Chains

Hugh Hewitt notices new minted biker Joe “Chains” Biden:

Oh, and that picture?  Well, just something that you should look for in your morning paper –if you get a paper.  It is a great shot of the Veep, but not one that flatters him so no one you are likely to see in the AM.  But perhaps the MSM will surprise.  For once.

More important is the information Hewitt puts up earlier in the post:

Here’s what you need to remind yourself of.  Go to this link on polls of the Wisconsin recall for the weeks prior to the actual voting.  Of the 16 polls listed, only two overshot the actual Walker total, and both of those were from an outfit I had never heard of and haven’t since –“WeAskAmerica,” and both of those by less than 1%.

By contrast 12 polls under predicted Walkers’ performance by at least 3% and 5 polls underprojected Walker’s totals by 5% or more.

Now, does anyone think that many minds changed in Wisconsin in the last four weeks of that election?  Of course not.  The polling was lousy for whatever reason, and that isn’t surprising. There is something broken in polls, especially polls this far out from a presidential election.

We KNOW polls are skewed. This is not the time to get discouraged. This is the time to get energized. I hear some of my coworkers – who do not discuss politics generally – suddenly say some things that take me aback. They mention things that show they are paying attention. Cracks about not building that. Cracks about empty chairs.

Unexpected signs that people are actually listening. People that are not openly political in any way.

Chin up. Get energized.

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2 Responses to Hype and Chains

  1. Frank G says:

    amen. The MFM will do whatever they have to to carry this economic corpse across the finish line. Deceptive polls is Part 1. Part 2 is “I was a Rep before but changed my mind…”. Part3 is lying skewed (even more) polls to discourage voting

  2. fiona says:

    Keep in mind, average response rate is 9%. How many calls do they have to make before they get their 600 or so “adults” or “registered voters”? No cell phone only households? No caller ID households? No Hangups when the words “poll questions” are pronounced? Who are these people who are being polled? The only ones I know take pride in lying like a rug on the phone. Discussing this at conservative meetings leads me to believe that most don’t bother answering, feeling that with the media bias their answers would be denigrated or not honestly reported.

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