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There were no United States Marines defending the embassy in Libya. None. The administration left the ambassador defenseless. There’s not even a pretense of an excuse made there. Whether it’s S.O.P. to deploy Marines to “interim facilities” or not, this … Continue reading

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What the US Should Stand For

Matt Welch: It’s really not that hard. The values in that film (or “film”) are not our values; our government respects religion, religious expression, and religious pluralism (including and especially that of Muslims, even in the wake of murderous Muslim-led … Continue reading

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I’m thinking spook here. As in there is something very, very fishy about the whole supposed trigger for the ‘spontaneous’ protests in Egypt and Libya. Klein told me that Bacile, the producer of the film, is not Israeli, and most … Continue reading

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Coordinated Assault

Oh, the attack that killed an American ambassador was undoubtedly coordinated and planned – by al Qaeda. But I’m actually referring to the coordinated assault on Mitt Romney by the American press. This is not journalism folks. This is partisan … Continue reading

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DNC Tribute to Russian Navy

Good Lord. Retired Adm. John Nathman, who formerly commanded Fleet Forces Command, honored veterans Thursday night during the hour before President Obama accepted his party’s nomination for a second four-year term in the White House. Rob Barker, a former naval … Continue reading

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Low Water Mark for Smart Diplomacy

Powerline: The attackers made no secret of their sympathies, chanting, among other anti-American slogans, “Obama! Obama! We are all Osama!” The demonstration was attended by Mohammed Al Zawahiri, the brother of al Qaeda’s current head. Obviously, the timing of the … Continue reading

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