What the US Should Stand For

Matt Welch:

It’s really not that hard. The values in that film (or “film”) are not our values; our government respects religion, religious expression, and religious pluralism (including and especially that of Muslims, even in the wake of murderous Muslim-led attacks on American soil); and we are not in the business of approving or (for the most part) regulating the private speech of our citizens. To the extent that that message is not sufficient for rioters, the problem is theirs.

We owe no apology for tolerating freedom of speech. We do not have a government that should care about “hurting the religious sensitivities” of anyone. We should care very much about those who try to take our rights away from us – foreign or domestic.

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One Response to What the US Should Stand For

  1. Acethepug says:

    So when are the apologies coming to Catholics for Bill Maher’s film? Or “Piss Christ”? Or the President’s own comments about “Bitter clingers”?

    I shouldn’t hold my breath, should I?

    Ah, but for double standards, the Left would have none …

    Thanks for posting!

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