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The View From Across the Pond – Confused Edition

I don’t always agree with Janet Daley (she writes at the Telegraph), but I have linked her several times because she makes good points. She makes a couple of excellent points in this column, but I think her (self admitted) … Continue reading

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Gee, one does not expect to see confident campaigns spending any time at all in ‘safe’ states. One has to wonder why the 0ne has visited Wisconsin today, doesn’t one? One has to wonder at what the 0ne’s internal polls … Continue reading

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11th Commandment Time

Ann Romney hits back at the punditry that has “advice” for Romney: During an interview early this evening with Radio Iowa, Mrs. Romney directly addressed her fellow Republicans who’ve criticized her husband. “Stop it. This is hard. You want to … Continue reading

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“…Electricity Rates Would Necessarily Skyrocket”

He didn’t get cap and trade, but he’s still going to ram huge electricity rate increases down the throat of America. “This is further evidence that EPA is waging a war on coal, and a war on affordable electricity prices … Continue reading

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Listen to Your Gut

Interesting fact-checking method: Would you believe it if your teenager said it? This ridiculous story was nonsense on its face. When U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice claimed the Libyan assault “was a spontaneous — not a premeditated — response to what … Continue reading

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Obambi Loses Bambi

Oh deer, even the deer are against him: Priem said he even called a city hotline to document the incident in case a more insidious offender was to blame. He couldn’t believe his eyes when his wife showed him the … Continue reading

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Bowing to the Mob

Mark Steyn: I see the Obama campaign has redesigned the American flag, and very attractive it is too. Replacing the 50 stars of a federal republic is the single “O” logo symbolizing the great gaping maw of spendaholic centralization. And … Continue reading

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