The View From Across the Pond – Confused Edition

I don’t always agree with Janet Daley (she writes at the Telegraph), but I have linked her several times because she makes good points. She makes a couple of excellent points in this column, but I think her (self admitted) bias skews this column a bit. This is not slamming her, just pointing out what she herself writes. Anyway, the points she makes that I liked a lot:

If you think the BBC is out of touch with the views of ordinary British people, believe me – the US network news is on another planet from most of middle America. The failure to appreciate this fact accounts to a huge degree for the inanity of much British commentary on US politics. (How grateful American voters must be to receive all that confident advice and interpretation from foreigners who know nothing at all about the rather significant portion of the US that lies between New York and California. You may recall how enthusiastically they embraced the Guardian’s urgent demand that they elect John Kerry to the White House.)

And the second:

When Mr Romney says that he wants to get people into jobs so that they can start paying income tax, he is putting the emphasis on the former not the latter. It is not that paying tax to the federal government makes you virtuous, it is that being forced to pay tax means that you will be sensitive to just how extravagant and wasteful the government is being when it is spending your money.

My disagreement with her take on this comes down to a bit of what I think is confusion on Daley’s part. She sees – clearly – that the American media is totally in the tank for Barry – but then reacts to their narrative as if it was gospel. This would be chasing the Squirrel! that the media has released. She admits that Romney is not her first choice and I think that colors her view rather more than she sees.

Regardless, go read the column and form your own judgment.

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