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It’s A Long Uphill Battle That He Most Likely Cannot Win

…I’m talking about the president of course: University of Colorado prediction model points to big Romney win A presidential election prediction model developed by two University of Colorado professors points to a big win for GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney in … Continue reading

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Fiercely Standing Up to Straw Men

Mark Steyn on the peculiar propensity of the left to bravely stand up to non-existent threats – while wholly ignoring real ones: They seem even more cobwebbed and parochial today, when there is an actual “swirling hurricane” out there: From … Continue reading

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Green and Mean

Obama’s war on cheap energy: Obama’s preferred strategy has been to implement whatever policies increase the price of energy to American consumers. He proved this by striving mightily to impose a cap-and-trade program on fossil fuels so that “if somebody … Continue reading

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War on Coal – Round Two

Ok, the Obama administration and its EPA have decreed that more than 200 coal-fired electric generating stations must close down in the next couple of years. I posted about that yesterday. As an electric utility engineer, I can see the … Continue reading

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Mute Button

Gotta love this one from Team Romney: As Ed Morrisey points out, more needs to be said about the pathetic ‘leadership’ coming from the golfer-in-chief.  He let Reid and Pelosi craft ObamaCare, his budgets get no democrat votes, his foreign … Continue reading

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Man Up – Media Disaster Looming Edition

I caught this tidbit from a piece by Mary Kate Cary over at US News (they’re still publishing?). I think it says rather a lot about what is looming for the media: On the NBC News homepage for politics, there … Continue reading

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Why Wisconsin is in Play

Salena Zito has partial answers: The Badger State illustrates the political divide gripping segments of America, thanks largely to the reaction of organized labor and Democrat activists to Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s collective-bargaining reform bill. Since 2011, Wisconsin has endured … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking Fails

Germany is discovering the drawbacks of wishful thinking: The more a country depends on such sources of energy, the more there will arise – as Germany is discovering – two massive technical problems. One is that it becomes incredibly difficult … Continue reading

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