Fiercely Standing Up to Straw Men

Mark Steyn on the peculiar propensity of the left to bravely stand up to non-existent threats – while wholly ignoring real ones:

They seem even more cobwebbed and parochial today, when there is an actual “swirling hurricane” out there: From Tunisia to Indonesia, persons of every conceivable hue are raining down curses on Obama; they’re burning his effigy in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, and beyond; Indian protesters wave placards showing Obama as a monkey. But only in America are Obama’s critics “racist”, and warnings of “swirling hurricanes” are reserved for the apparent epidemic of “empty chair lynchings.”

In the little movie scripts they have running in their heads, they are on the side of righteousness and are the true defenders of all that is good and right (or left, as may be). Unfortunately, they are not actually bright enough to realize that their movie’s audience consists only of themselves.  They only think they are stars because they reinforce their empty mental audiences with echoes from like-minded “movie stars”.

And so they go, heroically facing down imaginary dragons made of straw while the real monsters rampage unchecked.

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