Man Up: Tide Edition

Tom Blumer:

The second Sunday poll came from Gallup, which reported a 47% deadlock — erasing a six-point Obama lead from the previous week. Interviews in both polls went through Friday, September 21.

The six polls listed below Rasmussen and Gallup at RCP showed Obama with an average lead of 4.5 points. Their poll cutoffs were several days earlier, ranging from September 16-19.

Even after considering that at least two of the previous polls had samples overstuffed with Democrats, that’s quite a swing in just a few days. If this kind of move had gone in Obama’s direction, there would be a constant drumbeat in the establishment press declaring the race all but over.

Oh, wait. There is anyway.

Last week the press exploded over the Romney “47% gaffe” fulminating that the race was over, dead, finished, don’t bother with the election, skip right to the crowning of Barry I.

Polls say: Not so much.

They are still trying to spin this as “Obama is pulling ahead”. But he’s not. At all. (Personally, I suspect a lot of conservative voters won’t even talk to pollsters anymore – I won’t.) So man up, folks. Get serious, get involved, get cracking. We have a chance to kick the media’s teeth down their throats, figuratively. Who could pass that opportunity up?

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2 Responses to Man Up: Tide Edition

  1. Thomas Pfau says:

    They say he’s pulling ahead. I guess he’ll be leading from behind again.

  2. Mockingbird says:

    I don’t agree to take political polls. Not phone, not mail, not internet. I took 3 courses in Statistics in college, and have read alot since about snooping and manipulation.

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