Unicorns and Fairy Dust

Electric vehicles:

Very stiff competition for this week’s coveted Power Line Green Weenie Award.  Al Gore is even warming up for another shot at another Green Chakra Weenie for his solar-powered mantle.  But one contender has risen above the rest of the green slime to claim the prize: the electric car.

Go read the whole post over at Powerline. Yesterday, NPR did a segment explaining how challenging it was for Fisker to gear up production to mass market its electric cars. But Consumer Reports did a body slam on the Fisker Karma the same day.

“Despite the car’s huge dimensions, it’s very cramped inside. The overcomplicated controls are frustrating and it’s hard to see out,” said Jake Fisher, director of Consumer Reports Auto Test Center. “When it’s running, the gasoline engine has an unrefined roar. And the Karma’s heavy weight affects agility and performance, as the Karma lacks the oomph you expect.”

Fisher said he found the Karma’s ride, handling and braking performance “sound” and noted the car has first-class interior materials, but concluded “the Karma’s problems outweighed the good.”

Electricity rates are about to skyrocket under the Obama plan. And these cars are a good idea why? Magical thinking doesn’t get it done, folks. Unicorns and fairy dust don’t keep the lights on – or the cars driving.

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