Fools or Partisans

Only those two categories think the election is already over with the 0ne as winner. Pete Du Pont:

In spite of what some of the pundits are saying, this election is not over, and it is very difficult now to be sure who will win the race on Nov. 6. To begin with, the polls seem to show a good bit of volatility. According to Rasmussen Reports, which unlike many other analysts has tracked likely voters instead of registered ones, has gone from Mr. Obama up by two in August, to up by five in early September to a tie in late September. Gallup was plus-one for Mr. Romney in mid-August, plus-seven for Mr. Obama in early September, and plus-three for Mr. Obama in mid-September. In short, each candidate is holding 45% to 47% of the votes with roughly 6% to 10% undecided.

Back in 1980, the polls showed Carter ahead – significantly – at this point in the election. We all know how that turned out. I bought gas today – and it was not a pleasant experience. I bought groceries yesterday – and dropped nearly $50 bucks for two small bags of stuff. This matters. People are feeling the economic pain every, single day. This economic pain is directly the fault of Barack Obama’s policies.

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One Response to Fools or Partisans

  1. BarbaraS says:

    My take on the polls is this: unless I am mistaken Rasmussen and all the other pollsters had Carter ahead by a mile. They started changing to more accurate numbers as we drew closer to the election. Rasmussen just happened to be closer than anyone elese. The same thing is happening during this election. I do not trust Rasmussen any more than I trust the rest of them. And Rasmussen said in a network interview that Romney would be terrible for the country. That says a lot in regard to his politics. How can a man who has salvaged numerous companies, Americorps and the oylmpics be bad for a nation in this economic disaster? Romney made his millions all by himself which is amazing. He donated his inheritance from his father to charity so he didn’t start with mega bucks. I didn’t like Romney to start but have changed my mind in lieu of this information. I would have voted for him anyway but can now do so with a glad heart.

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