Personal Stories About Mitt Romney

John Hawkins wrote a post over at Townhall that has apparently gathered a bit of attention. The post details seven personal stories you might not have heard about Mitt Romney. I’ll ask readers to go over and read the whole piece, I think it’s worth your time.

So then Hawkins is accused of being a hired blogger for Mitt Romney by AmericaBlog – and John Aravosis of that blog doesn’t correct his post or withdraw the accusation even when Hawkins informs him of the truth. The truth being that Hawkins isn’t a hired blogger for Romney.

As I wrote to John when I got an email from him about all this: “They’re projecting. They write nothing without journolisting and can’t understand others who actually think for themselves.”

And, for the record, John Hawkins and I have traded emails for years. Never a lot, we’re not real close or anything. (The email was a group thing, not to me personally.) He was very kind to link to this blog when it was first getting started and has done so a number of times over the years. He also gave me a link when I was rebooting the Crabitat that helped get me some much appreciated hits from readers.

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