Dem’s Creepy New Tactic: Stalking

The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper calls this tactic using shame to gather donations. I call it stalking.

Democrats today trotted out a new tactic for raising campaign cash: shame.

The email arrived this afternoon from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, with the subject, “Your support record,” and the sender, “Democratic Headquarters.” It aimed point out to supporters that they hadn’t given campaign cash.

This is a disturbing new tactic from the left. A similar creepy tactic was used in Wisconsin during the recall debacle (a debacle for the left, that is). Misusing public records to try to pressure people is a pernicious form of stalking.It is Big Brother watching you and making sure you think correctly. Or what the stalkers think is correctly.

One hopes it is precisely as successful now as it was in Wisconsin.

Update: Thanks to Pirate’s Cove for the link.

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