The Little Man Who’s Never There

Michael Goodwin:

Well, it’s 2012, and — the phone is still ringing. Please, somebody answer the damn thing!

The story of the terror attack in Benghazi is that neither Clinton nor the president who made her secretary of state responded to the real emergency when it came. The biggest foreign-policy crisis of the last four years is revealing an astonishing lack of competence and character at the center of the Obama administration.

That’s not to say the Democratic duo did nothing in response to the worst terror attack on American civilians since 9/11. After eulogizing our dead ambassador and three others, Obama and Clinton got to work spinning a web of deceit that would make Richard Nixon blush.

They sent out a wave of aides to mislead and torture the truth. Even now, nearly three weeks later, they have yet to come clean.

In the process, they are demonstrating how to turn a disaster into a scandal.

Goodwin catalogs a long series of telephones not answered – or answered with lies. Go read it all.

The fact is that Obama and Clinton should have provided basic security to our ambassador and the other members of the staff in Libya and didn’t. Then they lied – repeatedly – about what happened and who was responsible. Then they dragged a man into custody to prop up their lies, knowing full well that the midnight perp walk would look like thy were obeying Egyptian demands – to the Egyptians.

They’ve been lying about the “investigation” of the murders, too. Asserting that the FBI has the matter under investigation when they are not even able to get to the consulate.

This is a scandal. One that should be laid at the feet of the man who is never there to answer the phone.

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