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Economic Collapse

Happening right now: Gas prices rose nearly 50 cents per gallon in July and August, but have since leveled off. Excluding the impact of higher gas prices and other price gains, spending ticked up only 0.1 percent last month. Income … Continue reading

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Hey, Sammy

Wake the F*ck Up. (And that’s something I would not have believed I would link. But some things are too important to mince words.) Tweet

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The Enemies of the People

The real enemies. Go. Watch. Listen. Hear. Tweet

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Personal Stories About Mitt Romney

John Hawkins wrote a post over at Townhall that has apparently gathered a bit of attention. The post details seven personal stories you might not have heard about Mitt Romney. I’ll ask readers to go over and read the whole … Continue reading

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The Once and Future World

Unfortunately, we have to live in the present, not the mythical ‘Golden Age’ or the fantasy ‘Future Utopia’. Obama refuses to live here in the place the rest of us inhabit – the very real, depressing present. Mark Steyn: The … Continue reading

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Fools or Partisans

Only those two categories think the election is already over with the 0ne as winner. Pete Du Pont: In spite of what some of the pundits are saying, this election is not over, and it is very difficult now to … Continue reading

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Advice: Go Big

Krauthammer: When you’re behind, however, safe is fatal. Even his counterpunching has gone miniature. Obama has successfully painted Romney as an out of touch, unfeeling plutocrat whose only interest is to cut taxes for the rich. Romney has complained in … Continue reading

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Vote for 0bama – Get a Phone

This says rather a lot. In fact it says so much that the 0ne is throwing his ardent supporter under the 0bama bus. Odd that they felt they needed to distance themselves, no?   Tweet

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Surprise! They Lied!

The Obama administration knew that it was a terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Libya with certainty within one day (and actually probably as soon as it happened). Two senior U.S. officials told Fox News on Thursday that U.S. … Continue reading

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Stall Speed

The American economy is slowing to a point where recession is about to hit: Bottom line: Growth the past two quarters has averaged about 1.6%. Not only does this mean the economy is growing more slowly than last year’s 1.8%, … Continue reading

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What if They’re Wrong?

Zombie on five unproven assumptions about skewed polls. He asks some compelling questions about whether those assumptions might be dead wrong: • When a person sees that his team is in second place, he gives up and stops fighting. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Obama’s Dismal Economy

In Barry’s world, there is only the past economy and the future economy. The former is George Bush’s fault, the latter will be Barry’s divine gift to America if he’s reelected. What we are living in now doesn’t exist for … Continue reading

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How Do You Measure Compassion?

By how many people are on welfare, or by how many are helped to get good jobs? This is a good ad. Tweet

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Coal Not Welcome

Um, so why are Ohio and Pennsylvania supposedly going for the anti-coal candidate who goes so far as to confiscate T-shirts and bar and eject clean-coal advocates? The Obama-Biden campaign hasn’t exactly been rolling out the red carpet for clean … Continue reading

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Juiced Polls

To believe the latest polls, you only have to believe that democrat turnout will be higher than it was in 2008: It’s that simple. Because these polls are not only telling us that Romney is losing OH, PA, and FL … Continue reading

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