Chin Up: Polls Aren’t Bad

Allahpundit looks at the latest CNN poll and sees good signs:

Another huge fade as the convention recedes. I think CNN’s right: O got a bounce, which was possibly extended a bit past its normal shelf life by the “47 percent” kerfuffle, and now Americans are remembering that they don’t much like him without Bill Clinton on TV to convince them that they do. In fact, Obama’s favorable numbers are now nearly the same as Romney’s, 52/48 for The One and 49/50 for Mitt with possible movement to come on that Wednesday night. Most damning of all, check out his job approval — and note how long it’s been since he was this close to the water line:

Go look at his analysis. Including the update where he notes that this poll shows a D+8 bias – totally insane. So it is not all gloom. In fact, if you let the press demoralize you, they win. Refuse the Squirrel! tactics of the media and look around you at the signs of the economy. Look at the mess the 0ne has created.

Do you really want four more years of this? Really? Then get energized, don’t be defeated in advance.

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