The Green Tax on the Poor

That ‘green’ energy is going to be devastating for the poor:

Most people think green is good but pay little attention to associated increases in costs. In 2015, it will cost between $49 and $79 to generate one megawatt hour of electricity from natural gas. A megawatt hour from onshore wind will cost between $75 and $138, and from solar photovoltaic will cost between $242 and $455.

As the accompanying graph shows, the poorest spend a proportionately higher portion of their income on energy. This is going to be very, very bad for them.

I’ve been working in the energy industry for most of my adult life. I can tell you that we professionals are worried about the coming prices for energy. And with reduced ways to supply electricity with some 200 coal plants taken offline, it is going to be dreadful. If the luddites succeed in stopping fracking, there will be a complete crisis – one completely manufactured by the Obama administration.

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One Response to The Green Tax on the Poor

  1. pa says:

    I just don’t understand how ONE person can make all these decisions and no one else gets a say at all.

    Where is Congress? Don’t they have the power to protect American businesses and the American people?

    Where are the courts? Don’t they have any power to stop Obama and the EPA?

    Where are the people? We should be marching in the streets over this (our side is too polite to riot).

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