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The Clothes Have No Emperor

Steve Huntley, a Chicago columnist, has no love for Barry in this column: Such developments may explain a new Rasmussen Reports poll finding that only 29 percent of likely voters believe the United States is stronger than it was four … Continue reading

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So, the Big News

Is being trumpeted over at Drudge. It looks like there is a pretty big video coming up. Twitter is going mad over it. Tweet

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The No-Class Society

Glenn Reynolds captured a screen shot of the Obama Campaigns latest classless ad. Classless as in tasteless, lacking in intelligence, mindlessly reducing women to their body parts and generally exhibiting no class whatsoever. (They hurriedly removed the ad when they … Continue reading

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Middle Class Taxes

Who has already raised them – and will raise them even higher if reelected? Well, that should be obvious: Tweet

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