Mark Steyn jumps on Big Bird:

Okay, I may be taking this further than Mitt intended. So let’s go back to his central thrust. The Corporation of Public Broadcasting receives nearly half-a-billion dollars a year from taxpayers, which it disburses to PBS stations, who, in turn, disburse it to Big Bird and Jim Lehrer. I don’t know what Big Bird gets, but, according to Sen. Jim DeMint, the President of Sesame Workshop, Gary Knell, received in 2008 a salary of $956,513. In that sense, Big Bird and Sen. Harry Reid embody the same mystifying phenomenon: they’ve been in “public service” their entire lives and have somehow wound up as multimillionaires.

This is one column you really should not miss. Steyn is wickedly funny – and utterly skewers PBS, Sesame Street, entitlements and the 0ne all at the same time.

But that one fact excerpted above should be the one you remember. That is why PBS does not need subsidies from taxpayers.

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