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Nothing to See. Move Along.

Media not interested. Therefore you must not be. There is no interest in Mitt Romney. None at all. None. Do you hear us? None. Hey! What about that gaffe! We have polls! We know better than you……….. Tweet

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Looks Presidential, Big Tipper

Gotta go to the British press for this – be assured that the American media won’t cover it. Mitt Romney visited an eatery in Tampa – and left a nice tip after arguing over paying the tab. During the unscheduled … Continue reading

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Devastating Silence

Wow. Genius. Tweet

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What’s Already Being Telegraphed

Back in 2008, I argued that people who had decided to sit out the election because they didn’t like McCain were making a dreadful mistake. I’m going to update that old post a bit with a pointer to this post … Continue reading

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The Celebrated Jumping Gas Prices….

With apologies to Mark Twain. The price of gasoline in California is cheerfully fulfilling the mandates of the 0ne. They are skyrocketing. Drudge does it again. Nice touch with the 0ne’s contribution to ‘improving’ things in the Golden Goose State. … Continue reading

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This. And this. Clint started something big, didn’t he?   Tweet

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The Imaginary President

He’s an accidental tourist in the media’s constructed fantasy. Andrew Klavan: The mystery Obama—the hollow receptacle of out-sized fantasies left and right—is not a creation of his own making, political chameleon though he may well be. It emanates instead from … Continue reading

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The Real Unemployment Number That Matters

Elizabeth MacDonald: What would the unemployment rate be if all the people who want a job suddenly re-entered the workforce? Answer: 11.63%. For the math, see below. If the labor force participation rate had remained constant at the 67.5% level … Continue reading

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