What’s Already Being Telegraphed

Back in 2008, I argued that people who had decided to sit out the election because they didn’t like McCain were making a dreadful mistake. I’m going to update that old post a bit with a pointer to this post over at Hot Air.

I understand that gun owners’ rights and the Second Amendment haven’t really been a touchstone in this year’s elections, but that doesn’t mean that the battle isn’t still being waged. One story out this month hits pretty close to home for me, both figuratively and literally. It involves the Remington Arms plant located in Ilion, a village in upstate New York. They are currently battling a pending move by the state government which would force them to put laser etched microstamps on the firing pins of all their weapons, driving costs through the roof.

I will remind people that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms as an individual right was upheld by the Supreme Court by one vote. One. A single justice can swing the balance.

The microstamping scam was part of the UN treaty, too. That failed – this time. Because the White House wouldn’t support it enough in an election year.

What happens when the 0ne has more ‘flexibility’? What happens when the 0ne signs an executive order mandating microstamping – or the outright banning of guns?

Or when he appoints more left wing justices who do the same?

Left-leaning politicians are already trying this on the state level. What do you think is going to happen on a national level if the 0ne gets another term? Pay attention to the way he’s already flaunted the law.

Better get your heads in the game folks. Better get serious.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    We can’t afford to sit by and let that happen.

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