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Not So Great Expectations

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the debate performance of Barry – and predicts the curve the media will grade his next performance on. Let’s just say it won’t be a tough grade: Expectations have changed after the greatest audience in … Continue reading

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Cheat Sheet

The secret Romney debate cheat sheet revealed by Moe Lane. I think he used step 3 a couple of extra times. Tweet

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Redefining ‘Gaffe’

The AP demonstrates the gaffe-happy approach the media is taking. Go read this one, please, I’ll wait. So the AP states that Romney needs “Diplomacy 101” for saying something that is demonstrably true. I’ve observed this in earlier posts as … Continue reading

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Cover Your Eyes…

And repeat after the media, “There is no excitement for Mitt Romney. The Romney campaign is floundering.” Repeat it over and over and over. Damn your lying eyes. (And it didn’t happen before, either.) Tweet

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Green FAIL!

Electric cars are a very bad way to achieve ‘green’ outcomes: Making batteries for electric cars is a dirty process, and if the electric cars are run off a grid which is primarily powered by coal, as it is in … Continue reading

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The Real America

Is vastly different that what you read about in the American press or on Facebook or Twitter. Well, in most of the press, that is. There are still a few real reporters out there. Like Salena Zito:  Since boarding a … Continue reading

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Mutant Butterfly Ecdysis

They’ve shed their – er – skins to march in Pakistan – against Barack Obama’s use of drones. Code Pink goes to the drone zone. Code Pink members donned giant vagina costumes at the Republican National Convention in August, but … Continue reading

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Court Jester Prep

Joe “Chains” Biden is taking six days off to prepare for his face off with Paul Ryan on Thursday: For this weekend, the White House provided the following guidance: “The Vice President will be in Wilmington, Delaware. There are no … Continue reading

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Punch Back Twice as Hard


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The Abyss Behind the Curtain of Cheers

The American press is positively wetting itself over the ‘glowing’ jobs report and how great that is for Obama and his reelection/deification. But the curtain of cheers hides an abyss: Buried in the Friday’s jobs report is evidence that a … Continue reading

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Eastwooding – Round 2

Or is it round 1? Tweet

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Classic Sci-Fi

I got an email today from Amazon which I actually read (I usually don’t, frankly). It caught my eye because it announced a Kindle deal of the day for 14 novels by Phillip K. Dick for $1.99 each. PKD has … Continue reading

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The New Press Narrative

Is the old press narrative: The Comeback Kid makes a comeback: Before the debate, Mark Halperin said the press corps was itching to write the Romney comeback story. It turns out what they were really itching to write was the … Continue reading

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The View From Across the Pond: Debate Edition

Janet Daley: So startling, in fact, that the Left-liberal legions in America were staggering around for 48 hours mumbling, “What just happened?” Al Gore actually suggested that Obama’s astoundingly poor showing could be blamed on the altitude in Denver, Colorado. … Continue reading

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The Ugly Statistics

Mort Zuckerman: Why the Country is Unhappy Under Obama: It is all very well to raise a sword and cry “Forward!” but to what? Campaigning and barnstorming, at which Obama is very good, is no substitute for brainstorming to evolve … Continue reading

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