The Abyss Behind the Curtain of Cheers

The American press is positively wetting itself over the ‘glowing’ jobs report and how great that is for Obama and his reelection/deification. But the curtain of cheers hides an abyss:

Buried in the Friday’s jobs report is evidence that a disturbing trend continues: the creation of more part-time jobs, many of them low-wage, taking the place of solid middle-class careers. Positions in sectors like manufacturing continued to decline last month, replaced by new jobs in the healthcare, warehousing and retail industries. A lot of these jobs don’t allow workers to rack up enough hours to earn healthcare benefits – let alone break out of poverty.

The key data in the new report can be found in a table called “A-8”. It shows that more workers are in stuck in part-time jobs because their hours were cut back or they’re unable to find full-time positions. The number of workers in this category shot up to 8.5 million in September – an increase of 581,000 from last month. This month’s figure is nearly double what it was in September 2007, the eve of the recession.

It’s distressing to think that after 20th-century labor struggles won the battle for the 40-hour work week, the 21st-century struggle is a fight for enough working hours to make a living wage. That’s not what I’d call progress.

Ah, but it’s what progressives regard as progress. For heaven’s sake, this is from the Guardian – one of the most left-wing papers in Britain. Even they see just how dismal Obama’s new normal is. There are some scary things in this article, please go read it.

If even the Guardian isn’t sold on the 0ne’s program, it has to be awful indeed.

We’re witnessing the marginalization of huge portions of the American population. They are being permanently damaged by the Obama economy.  Young people who are failing to launch into real careers, unemployed with dimming prospects of ever working productively again. Unsustainable spending will eventually fail them and we will really have a disaster on our hands.

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  1. feeblemind says:


    From the UK Telegraph.

    “Millions of households are at risk of power black-outs within three years because coal stations are being replaced with wind farms,……

    …..It predicts Britain will face power shortages because old coal and oil plants are being forced to shut down under the European Union’s environmental regulations.

    Currently, Britain has 14 per cent more power plant capacity than is strictly necessary to keep the lights on. However, this crucial buffer will fall to just four per cent by the middle of the decade. ”

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