The New Press Narrative

Is the old press narrative: The Comeback Kid makes a comeback:

Before the debate, Mark Halperin said the press corps was itching to write the Romney comeback story. It turns out what they were really itching to write was the Obama-comeback-from-the-Romney-comeback story. You know, something like “How Obama reset his campaign.” … Glenn Thrush of Politico has, in fact, already  written it:  There’s  already a “new narrative.” A “whipsaw transformation.” Obama “was radically different Thursday—not just calm but buoyant, loose, focused.” He gripped the podium with a fresh intensity! “That’s what he does when he’s really into it,” a “top” Obama adviser revealed.  …

Of course the press is trying to drag Obama across the finish line. But I think what they are really accomplishing is their own collapse. People can tell that they are being lied to. I’m sure a lot of folks got quite a shock when they saw the real Romney that didn’t look at all like the caricature the press had presented. Everything they say now will be viewed as less than truthful.

They’ll trust the ‘comeback’ narrative still less as a result. And the press is going to pay a stiff price for their behavior.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    The previous Big Lie is now the New And Improved Massive Lie!

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