The Narcissist

Well, here’s a big surprise. Obama left the stage after the debate firmly believing he had won.

When President Barack Obama stepped off the stage in Denver last week the 60 million Americans watching the debate against Mitt Romney already knew it had been a disaster for him.

But what nobody knew, until now, was that Obama believed he had actually won.

In an extraordinary insight into the events leading up to the 90 minute showdown which changed the face of the election, a Democrat close to the Obama campaign today reveals that the President also did not take his debate preparation seriously, ignored the advice of senior aides and ignored one-liners that had been prepared to wound Romney.

About what you’d expect from a complete narcissist. The little script he had running in his head went perfectly – in his head. Unfortunately, the straw Romney Obama constructed and has been running against failed to materialize as his debate opponent. Instead, the very real Romney showed up.

I don’t buy the sudden surge in the polls for Romney any more than I did the earlier polls against Romney. I still think the majority of the pollsters are in tight with the pro-Obama media. I think this is just another strategy to lull the opposition and invigorate the 0base.

Let’s not be fooled. I think Rasmussen has the best, most accurate polling this cycle – again. But he’s showing it very, very close. So don’t buy the hype, get out and get to work. We have to get this guy out of office. We won’t do that if we get distracted.

Refuse to play Squirrel! on the media’s terms. Heads in the game and hearts stalwart. Get going.

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