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Is the media’s leg-humping adoration of Obama itself the Nemesis that punishes hubris? Have they raised him so high that his feet of clay will cause his fall to earth be that much harder? Have I made enough classical references … Continue reading

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ObamaPhone Crony Capitalism

Utterly sickening. This is just one example of where your tax dollars are going: To Carlos Slim and democratic donors. Slim’s Movil America owns TracFone and recently snapped up service provider Simple Mobile for $100 million. TracFones and Simple Mobile … Continue reading

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You Know What’s Really Sad?

The Obama administration and Secretary of State Clinton profess to have really, really liked Ambassador Chris Stevens. And by all reports he had many admirable qualities. What’s sad – tragic – is that they left him a sitting duck with … Continue reading

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The Bird is Cruel Rich!

Great Big Bird, little tiny president: The United States may be on a fiscal path to Greece, and working-class guys in Toledo may have stagnant incomes, but Mr. Obama says their tax dollars must continue to flow to one of … Continue reading

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Cold-Blooded Coverup

Mark Steyn: Four weeks on, the official spokespersons of the government of the United States are belatedly catching up to this third-rate foreign hack’s version of events. The State Department has now conceded that there was no movie protest at … Continue reading

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