You Know What’s Really Sad?

The Obama administration and Secretary of State Clinton profess to have really, really liked Ambassador Chris Stevens. And by all reports he had many admirable qualities.

What’s sad – tragic – is that they left him a sitting duck with a target painted on him and no security to speak of.

Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, former head of a 16-member U.S. military team in Libya, testified that “diplomatic security remained weak” through 2011.

“The (regional security officer) struggled to obtain additional personnel but … was never able to attain the numbers he felt comfortable with,” he said.

He told the panel that U.S. security was so weak that in April, only one U.S. diplomatic security agent was stationed in Benghazi.

Issa has alleged that the State Department turned aside pleas from its diplomats in Libya to increase security in the months and weeks before the attack in Benghazi. One witness Wednesday, Eric Nordstrom, is the former chief security officer for U.S. diplomats in Libya, who told the committee his pleas for more security were ignored.

Nordstrom addressed the diplomatic security issue in an Oct. 1 email to a congressional investigator. He said his requests for more security were blocked by a department policy to “normalize operations and reduce security resources.”

Then the administration lied, lied some more, arrested and perp-walked a man for the cameras, lied some more, then lied a lot more. And are still not telling the truth. They’re “walking a fine line” of “nuance” to explain what happened.

Here, let me help: The administration foolishly left the consulate and the Ambassador essentially unprotected in the name of some sort of dimwitted political correctness, ignored obvious signs of danger and ended up killing four Americans. Then lied to the American people and the media.

And the media is largely giving the 0ne a pass and focusing on Big Bird.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    Read a comment somewhere–guy said he talked to a number of people who knew nothing of this. Hadn’t heard of it. MSM is On the Job!

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