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Fierce Opponents of Straw Men

Obama fell apart when trying to debate the real Mitt Romney rather than the straw Romney he had constructed in his head and campaigned against. His court jester laughed, mugged, gesticulated wildly and displayed completely inappropriate affect while battling a … Continue reading

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American Dream

My friend Phineas has a post that you really should go over and read. It is about this video: And Hot Air has still more on the video. This man had a chance to make his American dream come to … Continue reading

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A Heartbeat Away

This is the man who the left is trumpeting about. The guy who saved them last Thursday. The man who is a heartbeat away from being President. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Tweet

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The Lightworkerweighter

Well, I guess he had to take a break from lugging Big Bird around as his protector. (Eight foot birds are kind of heavy.) You’ll be happy to know that with all the troubles facing America – a failing economy, … Continue reading

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