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Telegraph Road

First we had an empty suit in an empty chair smirking, then a crazy uncle with totally inappropriate affect mugging for the cameras. Now the media (even over in Britain) is telegraphing the new debate strategy: Rabid wolverine: President Obama … Continue reading

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Do NOT Get Cocky

I really want to believe this. However, I refuse to get complacent. Is there a Media Credibility Day™ coming? Da Tech Guy* thinks yes: The clock is running down and Far left delusional chimps not withstanding nobody with skin in … Continue reading

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The Haters: Catch the Buzz Edition

Buzz Bissinger endorses Romney. Buzz Bissinger becomes a target for left-wing screeching. “I would say between the Daily Beast comments, Twitter comments, Facebook comments … I ran about 6-1 against,” Bissinger said. “And it wasn’t just, you know, ‘I disagree’ … Continue reading

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Knives Out

Is Hillary sending a message? It would seem so. She ain’t going under Obama’s bus without pulling him right along with her.  In fact, she seems to be telling the 0ne: after you. Sleep tight, Barry. Tweet

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Gunday Afternoon

Model 1891/30 Mosin-Nagant, 7.62x54R Spent several hours cleaning a lot of cosmoline from one of these. It was made in 1933 and has the “Hex” receiver (actually octagonal). Tweet

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Down to Colorado

Salena Zito: This highway and U.S. 36, passing through Jefferson and Arapahoe counties, give way to a state not at all like the one often envisioned, politically or economically, from afar. The 479 miles of rural, suburban and patches of … Continue reading

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Hiding the Inflation

We have all seen this before. Coffee used to be sold by the pound – in one pound cans. Now the standard cans are smaller – finding a one pound can is actually pretty unusual. It’s happening again, this time … Continue reading

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