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Biggest Take Away From The Post Debate Coverage

Journolist lives. Let’s just say there seems to be something coordinated about the MSM responses. Tweet

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Twitter Failing Tonight

Really breaking down under the load, apparently. Wow. They will really be in trouble come the election if they can’t handle the debate. Tweet

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We Don’t Have to Live Like This

Romney’s killer line from the debate. Tweet

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Always the Losers

Another green energy black hole sucks in our money and collapses in on itself: A green energy manufacturer that got $129 million in government stimulus money filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday and quickly sold its automotive assets to another … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops Anywhere But Here

Doug Ross with the new sign on Obama’s desk. Tweet

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Gaze Upon What Obama Hath Wrought

And weep. 46.68 million Americans enrolled in the food stamp program: Click the link if you want to know one factor driving the increase – aside from the utterly dismal Obama economy. Tweet

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It really is a death panel: Here is how it would work: When ever Medicare inflation threatens to exceed GDP growth plus 0.5 percent—by historical standards, that’s probably every year there isn’t a recession—the 15-member board would develop a “detailed … Continue reading

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The Wizard of 0

What happened in Denver: The curtain was pulled back. None of this abated after Mr. Obama was elected. He arrived in Washington for his inauguration in a train to provoke comparisons to Lincoln. Soon he was awarded a Nobel Peace … Continue reading

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