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Obama Has an Anti-Gun Agenda For a Second Term

Read ’em and weep. He telegraphed it early: In his 2008 campaign and while president, Obama has distanced himself from gun issues, aware that it could hurt him politically in key battleground states. But when pressed about gun violence during … Continue reading

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War on Women?

Not likely. Romney’s trying to reach women, not pander to them. Tweet

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Past Tense

Hah. Sure, it’s a slip. Could it be Freudian? Tweet

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The Survey Says:

The press is all Journolisting the Obama “victory” in last night’s debate (as Rich pointed out). The voters, however, have a very different take on the matter: The press, of course, called it for Obama. The polls say different. From … Continue reading

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Forget the Noise

The moderator broke her word and intervened – for Obama. Both sides are saying their candidate won. The instant polls from some sources say Obama won on points, etc. So what? Here’s a real outcome that says it all. Former … Continue reading

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