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Running Scared

Traditionally, the Vice-President is considered the ‘attack dog’ of a presidential campaign. The top of the ticket stays more or less in the policy arena trying to look presidential (with brief excursions) while the day to day slapping of the … Continue reading

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Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of…

…Flaming sun worshipers. Sun screen that can ignite! Energizer believes that this issue is associated with the product delivery system, specifically the size of the spray valve opening on the affected products. The spray valve opening on the affected products … Continue reading

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I saw the tweets on this last night, but I just got a chance to see this video. Mitt Romney at the Al Smith Dinner last night. He hits it out of the park. Go watch. Tweet

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Great Ad

Seriously. Romney is positive, upbeat. The other guy is smirking and studiously not looking at the guy who’s not an empty chair. Great ad. Tweet

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You Might be an Obamanic-Depressive if…

– You voted for Hope and Change – and found only Hype and “Chains” – You voted for what you projected onto an empty slate – and found out he was really an empty chair – You voted for a … Continue reading

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Second Term Agenda

Spend like crazy and raise taxes: We can glean this much: He’d like to hire 100,000 new teachers and he wants to raise taxes on “millionaires and billionaires.” That’s a flimsy agenda for a great nation. Does it even make … Continue reading

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