Windy Promises

Christopher Booker:

What Mr Cameron clearly hasn’t realised is that the main reason why our energy companies need to charge us ever more for electricity lies in his own Government’s deluded policies. He and his colleagues prattle on about how, over the next eight years, we need to spend £100 billion on building 30,000 useless, unreliable and grotesquely subsidised wind turbines. They want to see billions more spent on giant pylons and interconnectors, to carry power from the remote onshore and offshore wind farms where it is generated to the places where it is needed. Then, as even Mr Davey has finally admitted, further billions will need to be spent on new gas-fired power stations – not only to fill the gap left by all the coal-fired and nuclear plants that are due to close, but also to provide ever more expensive, “carbon”-emitting back-up for the times when the wind drops and our turbines are scarcely functioning.

Long time readers know that I have been writing about this massive fraud for years. Energy is what I do for a living, folks. I know just how bad a deal this is for everyone, here or abroad. Nobody would build these wind generators unless they are massively subsidized for a very simple reason – they don’t work. Oh, sure, they produce electricity – when the wind is blowing in a narrow speed band. If the wind is too slow, no power. If the wind is too fast, no power.

And a spinning reserve must be online to pick up when the wind fails. A conventional power plant running at much less than efficient levels waiting to step up quickly has to be there or the lights go out. And if the grid collapses, it is not easy to bring it back up. Units with what is known as ‘black start’ capability are fairly rare. (A ‘black start’ generator means it can start up without power coming from the grid itself. It has some backup available that it can use to restart the main generation. It takes power to make power. There are auxiliary systems that require power to run. Fans, pumps and other things that have to be running before the main generator comes online. )

So if the grid fails, it can be days before it can be brought back up.

What wind power is, as it is being used right now, is a way to pay off cronies. Well-connected and well-heeled cronies get massive returns on their bad investments in voodoo technologies.

As Robert Heinlein wrote, There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. TANSTAAFL. There are no magical energy sources. Many of the people who screech for wind power have no clue they are being used by the crony capitalists and their politician hirelings to support more of their tax money being given to the cronies.

Others are in on the joke. And take the money.

You’re being played. folks.


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