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If True…

…He needs to be an ex-president for this alone. Tweet

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Deny, Deny, Deny

Explaining the Obama presidency: More and more clearly, the Obama administration has put its faith in the view that the governed, who must be told what is best for their lives, whether they want it or not (see ObamaCare), can … Continue reading

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That is a Great Lawn Sign

Go look. Tweet

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Obama’s Foreign Policy: Bow a Lot

Drudge does it again. Bow much is that Barry in the window? Tweet

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Doctors Hate ObamaCare

Bruce Kesler has the survey results. These are some really grim numbers. Go over and read. Tweet

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Find a Way

Good ad from Romney: Obama has excuses and scapegoats. No solutions, no plans, no agenda – other than getting reelected. Romney has actual experience at governing – something Obama did not have when he was elected – and does not … Continue reading

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The Memory Hole

The New York Times has altered its original ‘scoop’ about supposed one-on-one talks with Iran. It has done so without acknowledging the edit, quietly dropping the inconvenient bits down the memory hole: When the New York Times updated its story … Continue reading

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“We Don’t Want a Handout.”

Salena Zito: She said village workers have been laid off “and more layoffs are coming.” Schoolcraft is an elected Democrat, as is the village council. “And by registration, so is almost all of the town,” she said. Yet, in this … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Foreign Contributions

Foreign money can – and has – been donated to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. In violation of American law: Chris Walker, a British citizen who lives outside London, told The Post he was able to make two $5 donations to … Continue reading

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How’s that Obama ‘Smart Diplomacy’ working so far? Well, we have embassies under attack. Murdered American diplomats. And Russia flexing its nuclear arms. An RS-12M Topol Intercontinental Ballistic Missile was launched from the Plesetsk site in northern Russia, and a … Continue reading

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