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Oh, wow. What a crowd. Tweet

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Mitt Hits

Hitting back twice as hard: I’m looking at Obama’s scowl and thinking “Nixon“. Tweet

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Bayonets Are Not Buggy Whips

Can you say M9? I knew that you could. Standard issue. Fits the M4 and others. Generally useful, all-around tool as well as a weapon. More ignorance from the left and Obama. Tweet

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Speaking Truth to … the Court Jester?

Oh dear. An unidentified Ohio man wished Joe Biden well in his last couple of months in office today: One voter — who called Biden “a good guy” — confessed to reporters that he still wasn’t a fan of the … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Lucky

I’d never have believed this is something I would say, but it looks like we may have gotten off easy the last four years. The arrogance President Obama displayed last night was nothing new to any of us. It’s been … Continue reading

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Looking Presidential

Charles Krauthammer: So that is the large picture, America is strong and respecting. What Obama did is he kept interrupting, interjecting and his responses were almost all very small, petty attacks. The lowest was when he’s talking about sanctions that … Continue reading

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