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Don’t Let Them Cheat

Maybe just a minor malfunction. Certainly something we all need to be vigilant about. Make absolutely sure that your vote is cast – and recorded – properly: One of the voters, Sher Coromalis, says she cast her ballot for Governor … Continue reading

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So Soon?

A little less than two weeks out from the election and the pre-post-mortems are already starting – on the left? Oh, my. Some Democrats are apparently not waiting for Barack Obama to lose the presidential election before starting the inevitable … Continue reading

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Gee, how embarrassing. Obama challenges folks to look for his flip-flops – and the press obliges. Pay particular attention to the one on guns, folks. Seriously. Tweet

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Vowel Movements

Lessee, there’s two vowels and two consonants… Must be Iowa! Joe Biden is the intellect of the democrats all right! (I notice they spell-checked the signs in the background this time, though.) Tweet

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Obama’s Libya Lies

So, the emails tell the story. The Obama administration was informed within hours that an al Qaeda affiliate in Libya was claiming responsibility for the attacks that killed our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. This blows a hole … Continue reading

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Not Much Time…

But time enough for Clint: Powerful ad. Even without the empty chair. Tweet

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One Liners From Empty Chair Night

Jonathan Tobin at Commentary: As I wrote last night, President Obama’s attack mode during the Boca Raton debate seemed to suggest that he was the challenger trailing in the race rather than the incumbent nursing an alleged lead. But the … Continue reading

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