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Barry got caught promising more flexibility to Vladimir Putin after his ‘last election’. One wonders if he was promising to be as flexible as this Russian. He has been with his truth… Tweet

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Compare this ad with one that recycles Vladimir Putin. To me, there is no contest as to which has vision. Tweet

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The Wind and the Witless

Oh, darn. The wind industry in the US is about to crash completely. Why? Because the source of the wind energy – subsidies – are about to blow away: The wind industry and its lobbies are throwing all of the … Continue reading

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Debasing the Currency

If credibility is the coin of the presidency, why is Obama debasing it? There have been only two events that could be said to have caused significant movement by voters in the campaign. One was the Oct. 3 Denver debate … Continue reading

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The Difference

A picture (or two) worth 1,000 words. Guess which one is looking forward – and which one is hearing footsteps…… Tweet

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The Scatworker

This is the president of the United States? Really? Obama has signally failed to woo Republicans in Washington and there is precious little evidence he has even tried. Today, we learned that when asked by a ‘Rolling Stone’ editor whether … Continue reading

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This Is What Momentum Looks Like

I put together the following chart using polling data collected by Real Clear Politics. In it I compare the average lead for Obama (given in positive numbers) or Romney (given as a negative number) for the period September 23rd through … Continue reading

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