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This is the president of the United States? Really?

Obama has signally failed to woo Republicans in Washington and there is precious little evidence he has even tried. Today, we learned that when asked by a ‘Rolling Stone’ editor whether he had a message for the editor’s six-year-old daughter took the opportunity to describe Romney as ‘a bulls***tter’.

Almost all politicians – though not Romney – swear in private. But for a President of the United States to describe his opponent publicly in such a way was beneath the dignity of his office.

Obama’s tactics in the final days of this campaign might well pay off. Politically speaking, he may not have any other way of scraping a narrow victory – though the risk is that he will turn-off moderate voters.

But if Obama is re-elected the way he has run his campaign may make it almost impossible for him to govern effectively – let alone in the spirit of the ‘better angels of our nature’ that Abraham Lincoln cited in his first inaugural speech and that Obama used to love quoting.

That’s the message for a six year old girl? Really? And that’s the British press. The Guardian expects outrage from conservatives. I suppose there is some of that out there – I haven’t looked yet.

But from me, just a small blog in a very big pond, what I feel is disgust. This diminishes the office of the president.  He holds that office in trust – it is not his office. It is the American people’s office, lent to him upon a successful election.

He has no right to make it as small as he is.

Obama has done a lot to prove that he is unworthy of his office. This confirms it completely.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    I can’t see the Bamster from where I am, and that works for me. I have voted; it’s all over for me but the counting and the shouting and the wailing and lamentations. Theirs, I do trust.

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