The Wind and the Witless

Oh, darn. The wind industry in the US is about to crash completely. Why? Because the source of the wind energy – subsidies – are about to blow away:

The wind industry and its lobbies are throwing all of the well-monied power and influence they have into the issue, but the problem is that all of these green jobs the Obama administration likes to tout aren’t wind-powered; they’re subsidy-powered.

The ardent supporters of wind power are a) beneficiaries of lavish wind subsidies, b) paid by said beneficiaries or c) not particularly well informed – but very enthusiastic – people who can’t understand that they are being led about by the a)s and the b)s.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Free fuel comes at a very high cost. From an engineering point of view, there is no payback from a massively expensive, low density power source like wind. Are there applications for it? Yes. Very limited ones. Is it the answer to America’s energy needs?

Only if you’re a firm believer in unicorns and fairy dust solutions to real problems. Or you’re getting rich off government money from it.

You can choose to be witless about this, that’s your right. But don’t take my tax money to make some crony rich.

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