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A Call No Father Wants to Get

My thoughts and prayers to Amanda Rubio. I have been in Marco Rubio’s shoes right now. They do not fit well, trust me. Tweet

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Losing Iowa?

Look, I have – rather obviously – very little respect for the majority of the American media outlets. Most of the newspapers, television and cable news is hopelessly skewed left. (Which is why, I think, they are failing right now, … Continue reading

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A Ripoff of a Ripoff?

William Jacobson notes that the Aussies are pointing out that the tasteless “First Time” campaign video that the Obama campaign apparently ripped off from Vladimir Putin was actually a ripoff from an obscure Australian senate candidate. This makes it even … Continue reading

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Leftist Child Abuse

This is how low the left is willing to go this election. In their screwed-up minds, this is a winning way to swing an election. Tweet

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Obama’s Dismal Economy

The Wall Street Journal: Comparing this recovery from the bottom in June 2009 with previous rebounds continues to be very unflattering to Mr. Obama. Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee report that the typical growth rate at this stage of … Continue reading

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Did the Nutroots Sink Obama?

Mickey Kaus wonders: c) he fell for the netroots’ psychological impulse to “fight back” when he should have been borrowing, triangulating and coopting; d) he ended his campaign pushing lame internet-friendly rhetorical gimmicks–”Romnesia,” “The 1980s are … calling”–instead of tried … Continue reading

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