A Ripoff of a Ripoff?

William Jacobson notes that the Aussies are pointing out that the tasteless “First Time” campaign video that the Obama campaign apparently ripped off from Vladimir Putin was actually a ripoff from an obscure Australian senate candidate.

This makes it even more pathetic.

The Obama campaign is so out of ideas that it is resorting to ripping off ripoffs. If this ad appeals to ‘hipsters’ then they’re even more sad than Obama.

And that’s sad, indeed.

(By the way, the very term ‘hipster’ is really lame. Just saying.)

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One Response to A Ripoff of a Ripoff?

  1. Sam L. says:

    Silly boy! Why would they research its origin when they just plan to use it. For free. W/o attribution. Setting themselves up for somebody doing a bit of research…

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