Did the Nutroots Sink Obama?

Mickey Kaus wonders:

c) he fell for the netroots’ psychological impulse to “fight back” when he should have been borrowing, triangulating and coopting; d) he ended his campaign pushing lame internet-friendly rhetorical gimmicks–”Romnesia,” “The 1980s are … calling”–instead of tried and true substantive pitches about protecting Medicare and Social Security, etc. ** Memes instead of meat! His team is so Web-savvy they’ve forgotten how to campaign…

That and the Media’s willingness to play Squirrel! with whatever shiny object the Obama campaign could toss them. These days, the right is just as connected as the left – and the Squirrel! game is not as successful as it used to be. There are ways around the media gatekeepers – and we’ve learned them.

I think Kaus is on to something here, but it is not the only reason the Obama campaign is struggling. There is also the glaring fact that they have no real plan for going forward, despite their slogan. The voters can look around and see just how bad things are, despite the endless, leg-humping media claims that things are looking up under the won.

But the Obama campaign looks less and less like a political campaign and more and more like Trivial Pursuit every passing day.

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