Silly Campaign Season

The Examiner looks at the increasingly silly Obama campaign – and points out that the strategy of Big Bird, Binders and Bayonets is likely backfiring.

Throw in a dose of “Romnesia,” a controversial ad about virginity and a website home page that displays Mitt Romney in a cartoon dunce cap, and you have key elements of the Obama campaign’s strategy to undercut the growing momentum for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who now leads Obama in many national polls.

But many top political strategists say the strategy is backfiring.

“I think so far the attitude that Obama and his campaign has conveyed in the last couple of weeks has generally rubbed people the wrong way,” said pollster Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus Research Group.

“Four years ago, the tone of the Obama campaign in the general election was pitch-perfect,” Faucheux added. “I don’t think it has been in this campaign, and I think we are seeing it in the polls.”

I pointed out the cringe the ‘first time’ ad elicited from my wife – who is not a political junkie, like yours truly.  I think that is probably what most people thought – at least those with daughters. And there are some brilliant take-downs of that ad out now. Like this one I found over at Instapundit:

To the Obama campaign, women are nothing more than their ‘lady parts’. Unable to think or care for themselves without daddy government to hold their hands. I think that offensive and belittling message is getting across loud and clear with crap like that ripoff of a ripoff ad.

Gallup shows that Obama’s approval rating is slipping badly. I suspect that the silly, demeaning campaign themes have a lot to do with that.

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