Barry is ‘offended’ that people are questioning him on Benghazi. Watch the video.

Barry is not telling the truth. If he was talking to me, face-to-face, I would not judge his statements here to be true. That is not based on my politics, it is based on the way he is telling the story. His facial expressions, his body language, the way he’s struggling for words, the crafting of the words. I have been a supervisor and a manager for more years than I care to remember – and I would not buy what Barry is selling if he was working for me.

And he is working for me as the elected president of this nation.

This is not a truthful statement. Period.

Bob Owens has a lot of details about what happened in Benghazi. (Some speculation as well.) But these two stories do NOT fit together.

And I do not think Barry’s story is true.

Did that offend you, Barry?


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4 Responses to Offended?

  1. Sam L. says:

    Wouldn’t be a problem if that damned MITT hadn’t brought it up.

  2. skeneogden says:

    What happened during the attack on Benghazi is going to make Watergate pale by comparison. Frankly, Obama better hope he loses the election instead of having to endure the scrutiny of a Republican Congress.

    Just what the country needs, another impeachment.

    By the way…..I’m offended that he’s offended.

  3. Acethepug says:

    Sure, he’s OFFENDED. But that in and of itself isn’t a denial, is it?

    It’s getting to be a real PITA to have to parse every sentence, every WORD that this useless poppinjay utters just to try to figure out what he’s NOT saying.

    And no one would have questioned him if he and his representatives hadn’t lied for at least two weeks about the “Innocence of Muslims” video, then admitted it was a terrorist attack, and then had him claim he said it was a terrorist attack all along.

    Poor baby, Barry. Your taking offense is all self-inflicted.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Mockingbird says:

    I have never trusted that guy. On TV, I watched his speech at the Dem Convention, and it was just sweet smelling air. His dark skin and learned diction had more appeal than any hard solutions to problems.

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