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History Propaganda Channel

Seriously, my wife has a History Channel show on right now about the men who built America. It’s full of complete crap. Straight up. They are flat out making stuff up. I’ve caught at least four complete fabrications – just … Continue reading

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Ad going up in New Hampshire and Wisconsin: And it is going up on CNN and MSNBC, according to AllahPundit. Beautiful. It’s ok to have buyers remorse. It’s ok to let him go. This is a great – targeted – … Continue reading

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The Interwebby Will Save You

The word according to Barack Obama. The only place to go for emergency notifications and instructions is the interwebby or to television or radio. Which is a bit problematic when the power is out. When President Barack Obama urged Americans … Continue reading

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Obama’s Edsel

Bret Stephens: When the history of this administration is written, maybe someone will note the dissonance between the president’s hip persona and his retro ideology. Here was a man who promised a “transformative” presidency. Yet when transformation came, it amounted … Continue reading

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Signs and Portents

Is early voting backfiring for Obama? President Obama is so invested in his campaign’s early voting strategy that he became the first sitting president to cast a ballot before election day. In case you missed the subtlety of the First … Continue reading

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