History Propaganda Channel

Seriously, my wife has a History Channel show on right now about the men who built America.

It’s full of complete crap. Straight up. They are flat out making stuff up. I’ve caught at least four complete fabrications – just looking at Wikipedia. None of this stuff happened the way they are telling it.

This is battle space prep for the Propaganda Channel’s Weinstein bin Laden film.

Buh-by History Channel. Not watching this channel anymore.

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2 Responses to History Propaganda Channel

  1. feeblemind says:

    The last two times I watched the History Channel (mid-August and the end of September), all it showed both times was a restoration show marathon and/or a pawnshop show where they buy collectibles.

    While these shows could be interesting, they are just tangentially related to the subject of history. It left me wondering if the History Channel is running out of money?

  2. Ruth H says:

    I’m glad you mentioned this. I felt bad I hadn’t had a chance to watch and was going to record it. Now, I won’t bother.

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