Secretary Obama

This is not the job he was elected to do. Obama was elected to be president, not the director of FEMA.

Handling a natural disaster like Sandy is nothing like deciding whether to deploy military forces. The important people in Sandy’s case are state governors, not the president. They make most of the critical decisions and provide leadership on the ground. The president doesn’t, though he visited storm-ravaged New Jersey on Wednesday.

That doesn’t elevate him to commander in chief in this case – quite the contrary. It means he’s dealing with a civilian disaster as any president would. Not to quibble, but Article 2, section 2, of the Constitution says the president “shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia off the several states.” It doesn’t say he is “commander in chief of FEMA.”

What he was supposed to do – ensure the safety of our diplomats in Libya – he failed at. Taking a photo-op lap doesn’t count as fulfilling his oath of office.

The leg-humping media is now in full reelect Obama mode. They’re grasping at Sandy and its aftermath to promote him as ‘presidential’. He doesn’t. He looks like a secretary. An appointed official, not an elected one.

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2 Responses to Secretary Obama

  1. M J R says:

    I swear I looked at him talking to the nation and not only did he not look presidential [now that the emperor’s clothes are no more, and he’s finally had to answer questions about himself and his record] — he looked like a fifty-year-old punk.


    [No, hysterical lefties, ^not^ a question of raaaacism. Colin Powell looks presidential, Thomas Sowell looks presidential, Walter Williams looks presidential, Col. Allen West looks presidential; many, many black Americans of ^character^ look presidential, but this current incumbent looks like a smarmy little ^punk^ trying to act presidential.]

  2. M J R says:

    (Actually, at this point I question Colin Powell’s character — not because he has endorsed the incumbent, but because he was instrumental in propounding the Bush administration’s position on Iraq when it turns out later he hardly believed it himself.)

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