Bloomberg Endorses Obama

One wonders why. One wonders why Bloomberg takes time out of what should be a non-stop, all-out effort to save the city he was elected to lead when the citizens of that city are reduced to dumpster diving to get food.

One wonders why the media is wetting itself praising the outstanding response of Obama and FEMA when Staten Island officials are publicly screeching about how bad the Red Cross response was.The don’t mention FEMA at all. So FEMA is not stepping in.

Where the hell is that great response from Obama and FEMA if Staten Island is relying on the Red Cross? As the sole source of relief.

What the heck is Bloomberg endorsing? A completely nonexistent response by FEMA in Staten Island?  A complete reliance on the Red Cross that hasn’t met expectations of politicians?

Why the heck are New Yorkers going to listen to Nanny Bloomberg when the city is starving and Staten Island is collapsing?

I sincerely hope Bloomberg’s endorsement backfires very, very badly.

Because it should.

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2 Responses to Bloomberg Endorses Obama

  1. Steve says:

    I think Blaming the Red Cross is very suspicious.

    With pissed off citizens reduced to foraging in dumpsters and waiting in 4+hr lines for gas, officials are stuck looking for someone to blame. They can’t blame FEMA or the Fed Gov because that would be bad for the One.

    In a regime where the Gov is supposed to be the provider and solution to the unwashed masses, vilifying charity organizations serves a purpose.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Because trashing the Red Cross doesn’t penalize them as is trashing.

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